Like Movies? Why You Should Add Stand Up Comedy Documentaries To Your List

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If you're a real movie buff you can probably spout off the title to your favorite film without batting an eye. Watching movies is a wonderful pastime because it allows you to escape your everyday circumstances and enter a different world, if only for a little while. It's great to watch as a great action or suspense movie unfolds, but have you ever thought about the types of movies you might be missing out on? Sometimes, getting away from the mainstream and diving into different waters can actually be beneficial. When movie night rolls around again see why you should make it all about stand up comedy documentaries.

Learn How Others Turned Lemons Into Lemonade

Looking at your own life from a narrow perspective is almost a surefire guaranteed way to become depressed. You think about some of your personal failures and missed opportunities and wonder how you'll ever redeem the time and make the most of a life that you think hasn't been lived very well.

A good way to shake those negative thoughts and regain some of the optimism that you might be lacking is to watch a few stand up comedy documentaries. You may not even realize just how hard some of your favorite comics have had it. Many of the greats had to push through lots of tears, loss and horrific experiences to emerge from the dark places to bring entertainment to the masses. Watching and hearing about how these people managed to turn lemons into lemonade can provide you with some incredible tools that might just be what you need to turn your own situation around.

Laughter Is Like Medicine

When you watch the documentaries you'll probably find bits and pieces of live shows intertwined throughout the talking parts and backstories. This introduces you to the comedic stylings of some very funny people who you might not have known about before. It feels good to watch a film that not only allows you to learn something but gives you the opportunity to get in a few belly laughs. The documentaries could be so good that you immediately start looking up the work of the comics in the pictures so you can get to know more about the comedy of some wonderful individuals who know how to move the crowd.

There is so much to gain from watching comedy documentaries. Go rent a few of them or use your favorite streaming service to locate a few of these terrific movies today.