Want To See More TV Episodes? Three Ways To Catch Up On TV Series That You May Not Know About As An Elderly Viewer

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Catching the last few episodes of a TV show that looked like something you may have watched religiously can be a little frustrating. This is especially true if you are an elderly person who does not know how modern technology has changed the way everyone watches TV. There are several ways you can catch up on a TV series or watch an entire series from the premiere episode to the very last episode. The following three ways will familiarize you with how "the kids today" are watching TV and how these ways can help you catch up on all of your favorite and missed programs.

Catch the Marathons on Cable Television

Many popular TV shows will air series marathons on cable television networks. If you want to see all of The Twilight Zone with Rod Serling's eerie and cryptic introductions or twelve years' worth of Law and Order, there is always a cable channel that runs these marathons a couple of times a year. These are just a couple of examples of the shows aired via marathon style, so you will have to keep your eyes and ears open to catch other shows in a back-to-back airing.

Stream It, Baby!

Many shows, all with a number of seasons each, can be found on subscription streaming services. If you have heard about "binge-watching" from your grandkids and wondered what they were talking about, this is it. You sign up and subscribe to a streaming service, a company that provides all the TV you could ever hope to watch, over an internet connection. If you want both current and past episodes of a series, you may have to subscribe to more than one service, but then you can watch as many episodes in a row as you would like and become a "binge-watcher" just like your grandchildren.

Complete TV Series on Blu-Ray or DVD

If you really, really loved the couple of episodes of a particular TV show, you could own the entire series too. Almost all TV series/shows are available on Blu-Ray disc or DVD. If you want to buy an entire series on Blu-Ray, you will not only get the show, but a lot of background information, commentaries and extras not found in the DVD sets. If you are not interested in becoming a raging fan, but you like a show enough to binge-watch it again and again, then the DVD sets are adequate. As an added bonus, you can buy previous seasons on Blu-Ray or DVD disc for less every time another, newer season is released on disc format. (The older the season of a TV show, the cheaper it will be.) Just ask your grandchildren what the difference is and how you can own and watch TV this way.